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 mIRC Operators

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PostSubject: mIRC Operators   Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:09 am

The Operators

== equal to

=== equal to (case-sensitive)

!= not equal to

< less than

> larger than

>= larger than or equal to

<= smaller than or equal to

// v2 is a multiple of v1

\\ v2 is not a multiple of v1

& bitwise comparison

isin string v1 is in string v2

isincs string v1 is in string v2 (case sensitive)

iswm wildcard string v1 matches string v2

iswmcs wildcard string v1 matches string v2 (case sensitive)

isnum number v1 is a number in the range v2 which is in the form n1-n2 (v2 optional)

isletter letter v1 is a letter in the list of letters in v2 (v2 optional)

isalnum text contains only letters and numbers

isalpha text contains only letters

islower text contains only lower case letters

isupper text contains only upper case letters

ison nickname v1 is on channel v2

isop nickname v1 is an op on channel v2

ishop nickname v1 is a halfop on channel v2

isvoice nickname v1 has a voice on channel v2

isreg nickname v1 is a normal nick on channel v2

ischan if v1 is a channel which you are on.

isban if v1 is a banned address in internal ban list on channel v2

isaop if v1 is a user in your auto-op list for channel v2 (v2 optional)

isavoice if v1 is a user in your auto-voice list for channel v2 (v2 optional)

isignore if v1 is a user in your ignore list with the ignore switch v2 (v2 optional)

isprotect if v1 is a user in your protect list for channel v2 (v2 optional)

isnotify if v1 is a user in your notify list.

To negate an operator you can prefix it with an ! exclamation mark.

$v1 & $v2

Returns the first and second parameters of an if-then-else comparison. So, in the case of this comparison:

if (text isin sometext) { ... }

$v1 will return "text" and $v2 will return "sometext".


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mIRC Operators
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